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D-Star Engineering - Aerospace and Defense Parts and Equipment
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D-STAR Engineering Corporation
4 Armstrong Road Shelton, CT 06484
Ph: 203.925.7630 Fax: 203.925.7631
D-STAR Engineering is always on the lookout for talented and dynamic individuals to join our team. We are currently seeking candidates for the following positions:

Design, develop and test very advanced piston engines, gas turbine engines, electric power generator sets, hybrid-electric vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and related systems for Department of Defense and commercial applications.

Expected to have BS degree in ME/Aero/EE, with high grades, and/or highly relevant experience. Knowledge of engines, automobiles, CAD and testing/instrumentation is a bonus.

We invite Specialists in Project Management, Human Resources, Finance, Accounting, Contract Administration, Marketing, etc. to join our team. Appropriate Experience is desired.
Work in SW Connecticut or in N. Virginia (near Washington DC). Your choice!
Very attractive salary, benefits, and work environment.
Full-time/Part-time/Flex-time. EOE.