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D-Star Engineering - Aerospace and Defense Parts and Equipment
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Turbine Engine Products

D-STAR engages in research, design and development related to automotive, aerospace and propulsion / power systems, special focus on enabling technologies for defense forces of the present and future.

We design and produce Engines and AVX Fans.

Our clients are some of the best and most discriminating in the industry.

Turbine Engines AVX Fans
S.M.A.R.T. Engine
Subject of five patents. Ideal engine for Turbo-shafts.
AVX Fan and Lift/Thrust System
Subject of five patents.
Nested Core Engine
Subject of one or more patents.

Fan-D-Star Engineering

Nested Core Engine-D-Star Engineering


The Optimum Lift/Thrust System for V/STOL UAVs and Aircraft
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Optimum lift/thrust-D-Star Engineering Graph-2 Graph-3
Graph-4 Graph-5 Graph-6